As a "new" writer, I am just getting started. I have been writing short stories for several years, but Condor Moon is my first published novel. I hope you try it and let me know what you think about it.

Condor Moon begins when ecologist Rima Larkin returns home to Arizona to care for her ailing father. Her temporary job leads her into a treacherous world of environmental fraud and sabotage, and she finds herself running for her life with a man who is either going to kill her or save her.

I'm currently working on the next two novels in the Rima Larkin series:

Apache Moon finds Rima on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation working with teenagers of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. In addition to teaching the young kids about the natural world of their reservation, Rima helps the ambitious teens establish a lucrative VisionQuest program for non-Indians to experience the beautiful White Mountains. These wilderness activities lead Rima right into the middle of an international terrorist plot. Rima and her love interest from Condor Moon grow closer, but cultural differences and interference from Rima's ex-husband threaten to break them apart.

Aura Moon takes Rima and her young VisionQuest entrepeneurs out of the country and into personal danger as her special ability gets unwanted attention from an unscrupulous and ruthless foreign tribal lord who wants to exploit her unusual gift in his thirst for political power and financial gain. When Rima suddenly disappears, both the men in her life must work together to find her. 


A Fun Read

I enjoyed reading this first novel and look forward to more from this author. Rima Larkin is just getting started!

~~ A verified Amazon purchaser


Condor Moon, a great story

I have to say, Thornburg has a wonderful style for suspense. I could not put my kindle down. The dialogue moved the story along well, and I don't want to mention the characters because I got so involved I might let some spoilers out.

I can't wait until the next Rima adventure arrives. The characters came alive for me. Not every author can do that. Thank you, Tanna! Please continue Rima's story. I loved it.

~~ A verified Amazon purchaser


If you like feeling as if you are part of the story, this is the book for you.

The writer pulls you in as if you were right there beside the characters.       The setting and story line is very refreshing. I especially liked the hidden talent that the main character had and shared with her mother.

Give this book a try. It is fast reading. You won't be disappointed.

~~ A verified Amazon purchaser © Tanna Thornburg 2014