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Rima's job catapults her into danger and environmental sabotage, and into the arms of a man who is either going to kill her or save her.

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When ecologist Rima Larkin returns home to Arizona to care for her ailing father, her temporary job leads her into the dangerous world of environmental fraud and sabotage and she finds herself running for her life with a man who is either going to kill her or save her.

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CONDOR MOON is the first book in the Rima Larkin Series. It is a romantic suspense novel set in the remote backcountry of northern Arizona. Rima, a freelance environmental consultant, gets a job studying the plants and animals of an area soon to be mined for uranium. She thinks she’s all alone, but soon learns there is someone stalking her and sabotaging her work. When they start shooting at her, she knows she’s in trouble. Refusing to give in, Rima soon finds herself running for her life with a man who is either going to kill her or save her.

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Wanting to shake up her boring routine life, ecologist Rima Larkin makes a risky move. She quits her government job and goes into business for herself as an environmental consultant. She hopes the change will bring new challenges, and with any luck, a little romance into her mundane world. With her new life barely begun, her reclusive father suffers a heart attack and she reluctantly returns home to Arizona to care for him. She gets a temporary job to help make ends meet, but that job spirals her into a dangerous vortex of deception, fraud and intrigue. Rima finds the challenge she wants, but it may prove too much for her when she becomes the target of an unknown sniper. As she delves deeper into the mystery her job has become, she finds herself running for her life through the remote canyons of the Arizona Strip. While on the run, she also finds romance, but is it worth her life?

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Rima Larkin had her life planned out. She was going to get a job with an environmental consulting firm in northern California and settle down with a nice man, have a baby or two, and live happily ever after. But before any of that could happen, her reclusive father suffers a heart attack and refuses to accept medical treatment, let alone take care of himself afterward. Rima reluctantly moves back home to Arizona to deal with the life-threatening situation.

Rima convinces her father to move into a rented house with her in the dusty desert town of Wickenburg where he can get the medical care he needs, and she lands a temporary consulting job in Arizona. The job is located in the Arizona Strip, a remote region in northern Arizona with few roads and fewer people. As she explores the isolated but beautiful red-walled canyons of the stark Arizona desert, Rima is on her own…or is she? Someone is watching her, she can feel it.

And suddenly, instead of climbing the canyons of the Arizona Strip to study them, she finds herself frantically scrambling up one V-shaped gorge and plummeting down another, dodging bullets and climbing the sheer canyon walls to save her life. Someone is shooting at her and she doesn’t even know why. Scared but angered even more, Rima is determined to ferret out the truth and who’s behind the shootings and underhanded attempts to derail the work she’s been hired to do. Rima’s new job leads her on a dangerous adventure of environmental sabotage, international fraud and, possibly, romance. 

Upcoming Book Summaries

Author Tanna Thornburg is currently working on two more novels in the Rima Larkin Series. The second book, Apache Moon, finds Rima on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation working with the young teenagers of the Tribe. Rima helps the ambitious children establish a lucrative VisionQuest program for non-Indians to experience the beautiful White Mountains. Rima and her love interest from Condor Moon become closer only to be separated by an international terrorist plot, and by Rima's ex-husband, who can't seem to let her go. The third book in the series, Aura Moon, takes Rima out of the country and into personal danger as her special ability gets unwanted attention from an unscrupulous and ruthless foreign tribal lord who wants to exploit her unusual gift in his thirst for political power and financial gain. When Rima suddenly disappears, both the men in her life must work together to find her. 

Author Bios

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After retiring from a rewarding career in renewable natural resources, Tanna Thornburg started writing fiction. Her first book, Condor Moon, is a romantic suspense novel with a strong environmental theme. There are good guys to root for and bad guys to boo, and just to keep it interesting a mystery to solve and a romance to enjoy. When she's not writing, Tanna is out hiking the desert trails near her home in Phoenix, Arizona, where she lives with two rescued cats and a desert tortoise named Tonka.


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After a satisfying career in the natural resources management field, Tanna Thornburg happily retired and found a new career: writing novels. And of course, her first book, featuring environmental consultant Rima Larkin, has a strong environmental theme. There are good guys to root for and bad guys to boo, and just to keep it interesting, she also provides us with a mystery to solve and a romance to enjoy.

Tanna has lived and worked in Arizona most of her life and has explored every corner of the state, either through her work or her personal time. She is currently writing another mystery for Rima Larkin, and her family and friends, to solve. And don't worry, Rima will also have another romantic adventure. Look for two more novels in the Rima Larkin series in the near future.

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