Meet Tanna

     I grew up on a ranch in central Arizona before my family moved into Phoenix. I spent much of my youth camping, horseback riding, and rockhounding with my outdoor-loving family. It was only natural that I decided to pursue a degree in renewable natural resources at the University of Arizona. 

     Throughout my career, I have worked as a Park Ranger for the National Park Service, a Forest Ranger for the US Forest Service, and an Outdoor Recreation Planner for the Bureau of Land Management. Most of my career was with Arizona State Parks and, at various times, I was the State Specialist in Natural Areas, Rivers & Wetlands, Trails, Off-Highway Vehicles, and Environmental Education, as well as the Natural Resources Planner for Arizona's beautiful State Parks.

      When I retired, I found myself at loose ends. Being an avid reader all my life, books had always taken me to places I never thought I'd be able to go, introduced me to people I wouldn't have met any other way, and let me explore our world and even new worlds and other universes. I had never considered writing fiction, but retirement opened up a wealth of new possibilities. I let my imagination loose and started writing stories that just wouldn’t leave me alone, and Rima Larkin was born.

     My debut novel, CONDOR MOON, is the first book in the Rima Larkin Series. It is a romantic suspense novel set in the remote backcountry of northern Arizona. Rima is a conglomerate of several people I have met along the way, as are her family and friends. Her love interests are pure figments of my vivid imagination. The places where she lives and works are, for the most part, real though I have taken liberties with some of the details. I try to remain as accurate as I can in my stories but do enjoy using the proverbial poetic license occasionally.

     I enjoy traveling and getting to know other cultures. I was born in Central America and love visiting hot steamy places. Between high school and college, I started out with the usual backpacking trip to Europe by myself that expanded into a yearlong adventure though the Mediterranean, north Africa and the Middle East. Each place I traveled to I got a job for a few weeks or months so I could feel more a part of the people and their country. It was quite a trip with lots of adventures I hope to get down on paper one day.

     I still live in Arizona, surrounded by the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix Mountain Preserve. I share my life with two rescued cats and a desert tortoise named Tonka. © Tanna Thornburg 2014