Kanab_Firefly (photo by Bob Ford)


     The Kaibab Plateau is located in northern Arizona. The plateau, part of the larger Colorado Plateau, is bordered on the south by the Grand Canyon and reaches an elevation of 9241 feet (2817 m) above sea level. The plateau is divided between Kaibab National Forest and the "North Rim" portion of Grand Canyon National Park. Tributary canyons of the Colorado River, such as Kanab Creek, form the plateau's eastern and western boundaries, and tiers of uplifted cliffs define the northern edges of the landform. Rivers have cut deep into the Plateau forming steep narrow canyons as seen in the picture above. 

     Firefly Canyon is one of those vertical gorges, though it is a made-up name solely for my book, Condor Moon, and could be any one of a number of smaller tributaries of Kanab Creek. 

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